My Superhero Origin Story

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Betty dressed as Wonder Woman, holding Thor's hammer, Mjolnir

Every superhero has an origin story - a tale about how they gained their powers, and why they decided to use them for the greater good. Some are based in tragedy and trauma, others are steeped in family tradition, and a few are simply stories of chance. These stories inspire us, in part because they show us how to cope with trauma and tragedy, tap into our strengths, and find a purpose larger than ourselves.

You don't have to be superpowered to have an origin story - the tale of why you do what you do.

Why did I decide to pursue public speaking coaching, and why did I launch She Speaks? It's simple - because it is NECESSARY.

In nearly two decades of public service, I've worked with some mind-blowingly impressive folks. Unfortunately, I’ve also watched fear and anxiety about public speaking stifle their greatness. I've heard their authentic voices shift and shrink when what the world needed was for them to speak up and speak out. And, heartbreakingly, I've seen opportunities slip through their grasp because of it.

The good news? That doesn't have to be your story.

According to my mother, I've been talking to people since I came out of the womb. I started singing in public when I was six years old. I've performed my whole life, whether it was grade school musical theater or belting the National Anthem at sporting events or doing competitive karaoke (yes, you read that right) in my 40s.

When it comes to public speaking, I’ve done it all. And I truly believe even the most introverted person can do the same – with the right coaching.

The world needs meaningful, powerful voices, now more than ever. We need people to do all the big, audacious things they dream about, and that means we have to get out there and talk to people. Whether it's on stage or on social media, in a boardroom or at a networking event, I'd love to help you channel your beautiful, unique, authentic voice to crush your goals.

For now, I hope you'll sign up for my mailing list and stay tuned to this space for more tips, tricks, trends, and thoughts. 

Let's win together!



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