So…why work with a public speaking coach? 🤷🏻‍♀️

public speaking Nov 01, 2022

Depending on your goals, there are plenty of good reasons, but here are three to start.

📣 Objectivity – A coach is an independent third party who can offer a new perspective on your goals and the potential paths to help you reach them. If you find that you get in your own head too much, a coach can help you see things from new angles and offer feedback that helps you conquer your decision fatigue and second-guessing.

📣 Accountability – whether you’re a perfectionist or a procrastinator, we ALL have trouble with moving the needle forward, especially if you’re doing things that challenge or scare you. A coach offers regular touchpoints to check on your progress and push you to take concrete action. YOU still have to be motivated and take care of business, but a responsibility buddy is never a bad person to have on your team.

📣 Cheerleadability! Okay, not a word, but I think my favorite part of being a coach is rooting others on! Whatever your goals, you can bet that a coach is going to be celebrating right there with you when you crush them.

If you want to up your public speaking game and think coaching might be your next step, I’d love to chat!

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