Mirror, mirror...

public speaking Oct 03, 2022

Hear me out…

Even though “practice in front of a mirror” has been common public speaking advice since the dark ages, it may not actually be a great idea! Here’s why:

🗣 It’s not a real experience! It limits your motion, there’s no audience, and it’s super boring - so you aren’t likely to stick with it.

🗣 It’s distracting! It’s human nature – practicing in the mirror will be less actual practice and more you obsessing over a zit or your roots or that dimple you’ve always hated. You’ll focus more on your physical appearance and body language than you do on tone, pitch, pace, and content.

🗣 You’ll forget about it right after you do it! Practicing in the mirror alone won’t help you improve significantly, since you probably won’t be able to remember the details. Recording yourself with your cell phone is a great option – you can play it back for yourself to note what you liked and what you need to work on, and you can share with others to get even more feedback.

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