No one wants to hear “Good morning.”

public speaking Dec 01, 2022

Let me clarify - "Good morning" is certainly polite, and it might be appropriate for some types of casual greetings. But it's not pithy or interesting.

When you’re delivering a speech, showing your face on Instagram stories, giving a presentation, or recording a reel, your opening sets the tone and helps people decide whether to really tune in or scroll right on by.

Don’t waste precious time on pleasantries!

Instead of “happy Monday” or “I hope you’re having a great one,” try to set the scene. Add an emotion. Make a bold claim. Share a little-known fact.

Get your audience thinking, “I don’t know where she’s going, but I want to go along for the ride!”

If you want to get better at maximizing your openings, let's chat! Whether you need general coaching or more targeted, presentation-specific assistance, I'd love to work with you.

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